Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Advantages of Working From Home


There are many tax advantages of working from home these days including the ability of passing the business down to children and forms a useful second or retirement income.

It is an easy low cost route to self employment.  More and more people are looking for ways to work from home and want the flexibility to fit in and around family and other commitments. 

It gives great job satisfaction and direct rewards commensurate with effort and quite often no qualifications or special skills are required. 

 Add to that no rush hour commuting to and from work and no boss and you have a perfect recipe. 

Self employed entrepreneurs love setting their own targets and can build social circles whilst raising their self esteem. 

There are also many health benefits by keeping fit and exercising. 

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What Is Network Marketing?
Network marketing, also known as team marketing, is an effective business model that uses personal recommendation to promote and retail a company’s products or services.

Own Your Own Business?
With network marketing, you’ll enjoy the freedom and flexibility of owning your own business.  As an entrepreneur, you get to choose where and when you want to work.  Instead of working hard to make your boss rich, all of the hard work you put in benefits you.

No Risk/Minimal Overhead Costs
Traditional businesses typically cost many thousands of pounds to establish and often involve getting into debt.  Starting your own network marketing business means you do not have to borrow money or hire employees and you’ll have little overhead costs - it’s that simple.

No Salary Cap
Corporate jobs limit your pay range based on the market standard.  The network marketing industry however, does not cap how much you can earn.  The harder you work, the higher your financial rewards.


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